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In His Care




Deltona  Adventist School



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  •    Admission:                        

             Admission is open to any student with a desire for Christian education

             and a willingness to abide by school standards.

  •   Age for Admission:

             Pre-Kindergarten  -  4 Years by August 1

             Kindergarten          -  5 Years by August 1

             Grades 1                  -  6 Years by August 1

  •    School Hours:   2017-18

             Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.,  Friday 8:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m.  Special times for Teacher

             Inservice Days available on calendar schedule,




                   July,  August,  September, October, November, December,


                   January, February. March. April,  May & June





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  •   Holidays and Breaks:

            We observe all holidays with a Christmas break and a spring break. 

            (see the calendar for dates.)    First Semester 2019.  Second Semester 2020

  •   Parent Involvement:

            We encourage and welcome your participation in the school program.   All

            parents are members of our Home and School Association.   Regular

            meetings are held by the yearly calendar.

  •   Enrollment Procedure:

            1.   Complete an application form with three references.

            2.   Provide copies of a current report card, birth certificate,

                   and immunization record.

            3.   Include the deposit .  See current rates Contact Us for details.






Student - Parent Packet of Intent:    1.(Zoom forms at 200%)

                                                                                                  2.(Page Setup=Margins 0+print background)

                                                                                                  3.(Print Preview=Percentage 50%+Print)


             Student Application Form _________________________


          Security Form ___________________________________


          Medical Consent Form ____________________________


          Parent/Guardian Agreement________________________


          Computer Acceptable Use Policy ___________________


          Tardy Policy _____________________________________


          School Hours & Late Pick-Up Policy _________________


          Athletic Waiver and Release Form __________________


          Volunteer Driver Questionnaire ____________________


          Church Membership and Subsidy Form _____________


          Financial Agreement Part A _______________________


          School Representative & Parent Agreement Part B ___





Step-Up Scholarship is now open for renewal parents





                           Misconduct to be Reported - Policy Required   



                      Required  Policy - Classroom Signs of Child Abuse 





Thank you for your interest in Deltona Adventist School.   We look forward to serving

you and your family. 







                   FOR  MORE  INFORMATION

      You may also wish to pick up a Handbook at

                    the  school office / or see

             information below                                            






Academy Days, Achievement Testing, Adventist Education Week,

Soccer Teams, Library Investigation,  Bible Conference (Camp Kulaqua),

Computer Labs,  Field Trip Days,

Outdoor Education (Camp Kulaqua)  Festival of the Arts (Forest Lake),

 Prayer Conference, Spirit Day Chapel Chums,

Baptisms, Writing Assessment Program, Church Programs, Mustang Soccer and

Co-Ed Volleyball.



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