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The Church that Cares "We are One" 


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In His Care


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We are in the process of collecting our archived sermons and as we obtain them they will be posted on this site.  We also hope to add video archives in the near future.  If the audio file is not opening please e-mail us and let us know which sermons you would like and we will send it directly to you.  The files are approximately 35-50MB each.





Sermon by:

2010-12-25 What Do We Need for Christmas? Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-12-18  Rejoice In His Comimg The Deltona SDA & First Christian Church of Daytona Choirs MP3  
2010-12-11 What Witness Are You? Ammi Richardson MP3  
2010-11-27 Thanks Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-11-20 Education Talk Steve Sherman MP3  
2010-11-13 Lazarus and the Rich Man Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-11-06 TODAY TODAY Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-10-30  Sabbath School Special Music   MP3  
2010-10-30 Keeping the Flame of Mission Alive Dr Mario C MP3  
2010-10-23 Like Jesus Tahimy Basso MP3  
2010-10-16 Counting the Cost Judy Hatchett MP3  
2010-10-09 Death Valley Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-10-02 Whats in a Name? Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-09-25 Honoring the Lord Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-09-18 Promises Promises Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-09-04 A House Of Prayer Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-08-28 Divided We Fall Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-08-21 Please Speak to the King - NOT Recommended for younger listeners Judy Hatchett MP3  
2010-08-14 The Last Elijah Marc Dwyer MP3  
2010-08-07 Setting the Sail Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-07-24 It Matters How We Treat People Steve Sherman MP3  
2010-07-10 And Then Some Karl Haffner MP3  
2010-06-26 Put On the New Self Doug Foley Jr. MP3  
2010-06-12 Magic Eye Doug Foley Jr. MP3  
2010-06-05 Let This Mind Be in You Judge Hawkins MP3  
2010-05-29 The Challenge of the Unfinished Task Colin Morris MP3  
2010-05-01 God's Saving Grace George Woodruff MP3  
2010-04-24 The Aroma of Christ Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-04-17 On Eagle's Wings Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-04-10 Christ Is Risen Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-03-27 Joe Acosta and Family Joe Acosta and Family MP3  
2010-03-20 We Are Precious to God   MP3  
2010-03-13 Pathfinder Sabbath Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-02-27 The Greatest Bargain of Your Life Pastor John Oddie MP3  
2010-02-10 What's in a Name.mp3 Pastor Doug Foley MP3  
2010-01-23 Floating Iron Garfield Brown MP3  
2010-01-16 The Gratitude Guided Heart Doug Foley Jr. MP3  
2010-01-09 FLA Symphony of Praise Forest Lake Academy MP3  
2010-01-02 Revive Us Again Pastor Doug Foley MP3  

                                    The Church that Cares "We are One"